An online edition of QRP Homebrewer magazine 
containing original color photos and full-resolution graphics from past issues

Here's an Extra feature for subscribers of QRP Homebrewer ... "reprints" of all graphics published in past issues of QHB, and many of these reprints are in full color!  QRP Homebrewer (or "QHB" for short) is a ham radio publication dedicated to the delightful combination of QRP and homebrewing interests.  The quarterly printing of QHB brings us many enjoyable articles containing photographs, diagrams, schematics and other instructional graphics. 

Each black & white issue of QHB can be brought to life in even greater detail at this website through the presentation of graphics in their original full-resolution size and vivid color.  To make it even better yet, we're able to present additional graphics that many times don't make it to the printed journal due to size limitations.

QHB Extra!  is not an online version of each issue. QHB will remain a printed journal of QRP and homebrewing adventures. With QHB Extra! the staff of QHB and each individual author wish to augment the overall reader's experience by providing Extra material to help in understanding and enjoyment of the subject matter.

Let us know what you think of QHB Extra! 

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Last Modified:  June 25, 2003