Sorry, but this kit is no longer available. See links below to manual for schematic and homebrew construction information

Operates on:
- 28.322 MHz
- 14.161 MHz
- 7.080 MHz
- 3.540 MHz

Low pass filter parts supplied
for 40m

PCB traces for optional circuits:
- TiCK keyer chip
- RF power amp to get to over 1W

40mW QRPp Transmitter Kit
for 10m, 20, 40m or 80m
from the New Jersey QRP Club!

FB40 KIT is DISCONTINUED !!!!  :-(

(Rev B board shown above
with optional Power Amp and TiCK keyer)

What you get:
- double-sided PCB
- components for 40m
- detailed technical and construction manual

To Order:
Send xx (check or M.O. drawn on U.S. bank) to:
G. Heron, N2APB
2419 Feather Mae Ct.
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Last Modified: Dec 22, 2000