PSK31 Audio Beacon
Kit Notes

Assembly and Operating Tips


> Version 2 Kits set for shipping on August 8th
     We had some problems getting the pc boards done correctly, and then we discovered that the chip vendor (Ubicom) changed the silicon in some way that caused the chip+resonator not to oscillate ... arrggghhhh !?$#@!  We've worked the problems out with Ubicom and we're in the final stages of programming everyone's SX microcontroller chip.  We will get the kits into the mail this coming week and we apologize for the delays in getting them to you.  At least they'll work nicely, as expected.  Also, check out the latest schematic, layout, software and manual on the main web page, as this all describes what you'll be getting as well as the serial port features.

> I/O Pin Mix-up (only in "version 1" Manhattan-style kit used at Atlanticon)
     In the final stages of software development we swapped a few of the Input and Output pins on the SX microcontroller ... and forgot to update the schematic!!  This is a classic hardware-vs-software documentation error <sigh>.  Anyway, it's not a big deal but it could cause some confusion.
    The affected pins and functions are listed below:
PTT output --------------- was pin 7  -- now pin 8
Test Point output -------- was pin 8  -- now pin 7
START Pushbutton input --- was pin 25 -- now pin 24
CONTINUOUS Jumper input -- was pin 24 -- now pint 25


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Last Modified:  August 4,2001