NJQRP MicroBeacon


At the April club meeting, N2APB introduced the first proposal for a club project ... the NJ-QRP MicroBeacon!

The MicroBeacon is a memory keyer containing a microcontroller with a keyline output to an HF transmitter and programmable memory strings. The inputs are a paddle input and an optional serial port from a PC.

Also contained in the MicroBeacon enclosure is an automatically controlled circuit that attenuates in known, discrete steps the RF power levels of the transmitter.

And the last major feature of the MicroBeacon is a memory keyer software functionality with some pretty unique capabilities.

Club members who actively participate in the evolution of this project, from concept through to operation, will be able to keep their own copies of the MicroBeacon.

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Last Modified April 18, 1997 - George Heron, N2APB (g.heron@dialogic.com)