This is a logging program developed and made available for free downloading by Bruce Milne, WB2QAP. Logs ARCI sponsored contests and others with same point system. Runs under Win 95/98. Screen emulates K2 transceiver. See Bruce's article in QRP Quarterly for April 99 for more details.

Bruce Milne WB2QAP
2350 Clark Road
Penn Yan, New York 14528

Download K2 Logger

(Download the K2LOG.EXE self-extracting file into a new directory on your local machine and then run the program to extract all the required files. The program is over 300KB so it may take a few minutes to download to your system.)


Information about the K-2 Logger Program by Bruce Milne, WB2QAP

1. The first time you run the program, two .dat files are created:

(1) Qrpdata.dat

(2) Arcifile.dat

Qrpdata.dat is the main program file used to print out reports, etc. Arcifile.dat is a similar file, but formatted differently to facilitate output to a word processor program, etc.

After each contest, you MUST either DELETE or RENAME these two files. Otherwise, when you start a new contest, your old entries will be included.

2. Windows 98 users should just need to unzip the file K2Log. Windows 95 users will probably need to run the Visual Basic runtime engine (one time only). This file can be downloaded from or ... Search under Visual Basic 5 for a runtime engine. A file on called will do the trick. You need to run the runtime engine before you run the K2 Logger program. The file that runs the program is Logger.exe

3. This program is written using 800 x 600 screen resolution. Use of any other resolution will result in a "mess" on your screen. Because of the many controls on the K2, use of a 640 x 480 screen was impractical from a programming point of view.

4. This program is designed specifically for ARCI sponsored contests. The point system is not "adjustable" to other formats. I believe the Michigan QRP club uses the same point system in their contests, however.

5. Use the help files to find your way around.

6. It is crucial to the scoring system to use THREE (3) letters for Canadian stations, FOUR (4) letters for DX, and TWO (2) letters for U.S.

7. A Logger icon is included. When you first install the program, this logger will not appear. To change the icon to the red "Logger" icon, simply RIGHT click on the plain Logger icon, click on "Change icon", and follow the obvious route from there.

8. This program is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Feel free to distribute it to anyone!

9. I would appreciate hearing from those of you who try out this program. Let me know your thoughts ... I know it's not perfect, but the price is right!

I can be contacted at

72 es gud qrp tu...Bruce, WB2QAP ARCI #5639

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2000