The Pixie-II Project

A whole bunch of the club members have Pixie-II projects going ... either purchased on their own from HSC, or from the recent club "bag o' parts" deal, or from the Knightlites' SMiTE surface mount kit, or from Embedded Research's "TIXIE" kit, or from just gathering the parts and doing an "ugly construction" version of their own!

No matter how you cut it, there's lots of these simple transceivers being constructed and used, so here in these pages we offer a bit of a general resource for all us Pixie-ites around town.

We'll add more information, useful pointers, and photo gallery of constructed units as we go, but for now see the links below for more about this fun project.

Click here to see the Pixie-2 schematic

Click here to see the Pixie-2 parts list

Last Modified: Feb 27, 1998
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